Postcards from Ragnarok (Alien Buddha Press, 2021)

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Using the icy tales of Norse Mythology is one thing, but to link them so passionately to the warmth of love and the malaise of modern life is something only the most delicate of writers can achieve. With searing honesty and dark humor, travel to the time of dragons – both frighteningly real and, perhaps scarier still, those that dwell deep within the recesses of the mind.- Stuart Buck, EIC of The Bear Creek Gazette

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Every poem in Postcards from Ragnarok crackles and simmers with the threat of the end of the world. Katy Naylor perfectly captures all the different ways terror can dog our daily life – the ever-present temptation to let everything you love go up in flames. Katy’s writing is both magical and relatable, reaching out to us from the page, bringing a flicker of hope in the form of “life inscribed in a book“. – Judith Kingston, author of Mother is the Name for God

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